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This post is for my worldwide reader, so I will post review in English first.

Hello guy, few times ago I received a product to try from CHARIS. What is CHARIS? CHARIS is an influencer-based commerce platform based in Korea. Influencers are welcome to join for free, and start selling/monetizing the products available at CHARIS (once approved) by sharing your shop’s URL on your social media accounts. For every successful purchased using your link, there is a corresponding amount of reward that you will receive. Sounds fun it isn't? You do review and will be able to make money.

I know when I attend the StyleconAsia CHARIS held few months ago in Jakarta, and a chance to meet youtuber BubzBeauty. What a wowed!

Now will I review products: Vodana Glamwave Professional Curling Iron. If you ever browse about beauty trends in Korea, Vodana is one of leading brand for product hair styling rambut. And these products are very popular among beauty bloggers in Korea, also featured in fashion Magazine.

Okay, let's direct see unboxing thi products!

Shipments of this CHARIS sent via express mail or EMS, but in fact it is quite long stuck in customs, and after approximately 2 weeks finally arrived in my address.


The first thing that most makes me impressed: the packaging very nice, neat and strong. Product information is clearly written on the packaging, there is also a leaflet in the box.

The clamp itself is very strong, and had plastic handle so heat will not reach my hand.

40 mm diameter. Big and strong is it?

And I mostly love this cord very long, and also big. Not feelin' cheapy and skinny cord!

1. Turn "on" button

2. Select the appropriate temperature for our hair, the higher the temperature is certainly more heat.
3. For maximum results, use gloves. The function of gloves is to protect the hands from the heat of this curling iron, and could slip more hair into the clamp.
4. Parting hair into sections and start clamping and heating per hair parts.
5. Spray the hair spray for longer hairstyle.
6. Done! Let's take a selfie.


I love fast and pretty result from this product, however I still need a lot of hairspray to hold tight my hair style.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was very happy with the product Vodana Glamwave Professional Curling Iron hot because it's fast, long clamp and long cord, and the result is very fast. If the condition of a hurry, I just need to divide the hair into four parts of the course and are able to do curly in quick time.

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Review in Bahasa Indonesia

Aku kenal CHARIS waktu aku mengadiri StyleconAsia yang diadakan beberapa waktu lalu di Jakarta, dan berkesempatan bertemu youtuber Bubzbeauty. What a wowed!

Nah produk yang akan aku review ini adalah: Vodana Professional Glamwave Curling Iron. Kalau kamu pernah browsing tentang tren kecantikan di Korea, Vodana ini adalah salah satu lead brand untuk produk styling rambut.Dan produk ini sangat populer di antara para beauty blogger di Korea dan majalah fashion.

Okelah, yuk langsung cuss unboxing dan kepoin produknya!

Kiriman dari CHARIS ini dikirim via express mail atau EMS, namun ternyata nyangkut cukup lama di bea cukai, dan setelah kira-kira 2 minggu akhirnya nyampe juga di alamatku.


Hal pertama yang paling membuat aku terkesan adalah packagingnya yang sangat bagus, rapi dan kuat. Informasi produk tertulis jelas di kemasan, juga terdapat brosur di dalam kotaknya. Barangnya kuat, besar, dan diameter 40 mm ini yang paling besar. Kabelnya juga panjang dan gede.

1. Nyalakan tombol on
2. Pilih temperatur yang sesuai untuk rambut kita, semakin tinggi temperaturnya tentunya akan semakin panas.
3. Untuk hasil maksimal, gunakan sarung tangan. Fungsi sarung tangan adalah untuk melindungi tangan dari panasnya catokan ini, serta bisa menyelipkan rambut ke dalam penjepit catokan.
4. Belah rambut menjadi beberapa bagian, dan mulailah menjepit dan memanaskan per bagian rambut.
5. Semprotkan hair spray supaya tatanan rambut lebih lama.
6. Done! Let's take selfie.

Secara keseluruhan aku sangat suka dengan produk Vodana Professional Glamwave Curling Iron ini karena cepat panas, penggulungnya serta kabelnya panjang, dan hasilnya sangat cepat. Jika dalam kondisi buru-buru, aku hanya perlu membagi rambut menjadi 4 bagian saja dan sudah bisa melakukan curly dalam waktu cepat.

Untuk saat ini metode pembayaran yang tersedia menggunakan kartu kredit, untuk yang memerlukan jasa pembayaran dengan kartu kredit bisa menggunakan jasa

See you in my next post, please drop comment below so we can know your experience too


  1. packagingannya keren banget kak, suka.. hasilnya juga sangat bagus..

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